I don’t care how many

Warm bodies are slumped

In churches

And movie theaters

And wal-mart

Little children lifeless

Blood soaked backpacks

Final moments feeling fear

Only tasted once before

Upon seeing a fat fuzzy


And shrieking

Because I wasn’t there

with my Gun

Someone else was there

with their Gun

I’m a good guy

Protecting my home, my family

Like in the movies

Brandishing my Gun

And shooting the bad guy in

The arm or knee

Seeing their face twist in pain

Television crashing to the ground

A perfect marksman

A cowboy

A cop

A hero

Someone will

Love me

I cannot escape the violence

I’m so afraid

So afraid of everything



This poem is the world’s most advanced

machine learning algorithm

brilliant, bespectacled men will never unlock

the complexity of moving your eye

across a page

especially when you remember that one day

when it was a little warmer than it should have been

for the trees being bare and the ground being damp

but the clouds were just pink enough

to stop you, hand on the car door,

in a moment of seeing something, like really looking at it,

for all the glorious, divine light of heaven

and also! the way you miss him even though

he’s right there, breathing a little too loudly, but

handsome and warm and all yours

a cry a sigh a feeling caught in your throat

because this technology is

truly novel